The jq Cookbook

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acts as both an introduction and a reference for using jq for querying and manipulating JSON:

  • Guides you on how to setup jq on your system, and running your first query.
  • Learn how to use to write queries to extract data from complex JSON.
  • Become proficient on how to use to transform and create JSON responses.
  • Extend your knowledge of jq to use on XML, YAML and TOML documents.
  • Contains easy to access reference for common tasks.
  • The e-book is available in PDF, epub and HTML formats.
  • 100% DRM free!

Note About the Early Editions:

This is an early edition of .

While I am currently writing the book, I wanted to get the early editions out as soon as possible. If you buy now, you will get free upgrades as new drafts get published, up to and including the final release. used to be called . While I am quite proud of that title, I think is a bit easier to parse.

I plan on making the final version ready by June 2020.

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The jq Cookbook

I want this!